Welcome to my website


It has taken some time to organise but at last I have finally managed to find a moment to put my new website together.

I have found writing the content for the site just as difficult as I found singing in front of an audience for the first time as talking about myself doesn't come easy. Anyway I am going to do my best to make the site worthy of your time by keeping you informed with lots of information about what I am up to.

The HOME page will mainly be used for NEWS and details of the latest updates to the site. ABOUT ME is going to be the growing story of my journey from shy beginnings to performing to ever increasing audiences. MY MUSIC will contain details of the latest material I am performing with the ability for you to listen to some of the tracks. The DIARY section sounds obvious but as well as saying where I am performing I am going to try and provide information about each venue. And of course if you would like to CONTACT ME you will find the best way to do so here.

Thanks for visiting remember to call back soon.